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What I Learned at Bandcamp: A. Tunez

Piere Herrmann, also known as Pz, had been making beats since 2008, unable to find the talented counterpart he was looking for. A. Tunez, born Anthony Beltran, was in the same creative boat. He had been writing lyrics for over four years, without a producer talented enough to evoke his creativity. The duo met in October 2010, in Surprise, Ariz. The rest is history.

According to Facebook, the pair hope to “inspire new up and coming artists to make music for good, as opposed to glorifying the usual rap topics of money, drugs, women, and worldly things.”

They pride themselves on delivering a positive message, relatable to anyone “with ears that work properly.”

Their debut album, The Other Route, named after their desire to move in the opposite direction of the music industry, was released in February and is available for free download on Bandcamp.


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