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WU LYF: Darby Crash Redux

Photo by Paul McGeiver


In the ever cyclical realm of music, the refashioning of the ugly and old becomes an art unto itself. This is what makes music so beautiful. And so it’s fitting that something new reminds me of something I used to love so much.

If The Folk Implosion sang to a distant planet of feral children, those children were the wild progenitors of WU LYF.

WU LYF has rendered a glorious resurgence of our collective musical pasts. The singer channels a slightly less violent Darby Crash in his delivery and lyrical content, while the music itself is layer upon layer of thickly piled cake. Or perhaps something more refined than cake. The best term is one of their own song titles, “Heavy Pop,” to describe the onslaught of out-of-control romanticism in every song.

In an extended growl the voice paints a picture of childhood – memories of boredom and wasted time color the universe that was your street and your backyard. WU LYF celebrates noise and messiness, blinding sunlight, and children who exalt in abandonment.

There is a video floating around in internetlandia, of WU LYF playing a show in a church somewhere in England. Imagine a row of kids standing on the bare floor of a church, surrounding the altar and staring at the idol on stage. And who is the idol? WU LYF (incidentally, I believe it stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation, however I don’t think the band is into anything really nefarious, just your average beatification of youth). On stage the singer sits at an organ, surrounded by drums and guitar, while the divine church acoustics sends noise off the walls.

The only question is whether something so nostalgic can exist continually, or if it will eventually suffocate in its own black hole. The celebration of untouched youth is not a new idea in music, and as musical history has proven, it is also not an idea with a very long shelf life.

But for now I devour the nostalgia, as this wave of sound drowns my mind in memories.

Song: Heavy Pop

Song: L Y F


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