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Viva Phx Q&A: Thee Commons

Thee Commons, Viva Phx 2015, interview

Photo by Daniel Funaki

Thee Commons makes cumbia punk music out of Los Angeles. The three piece formed in 2012 and has released 10 EPs since then, most recently VIII in November 2014. See the rockers perform live on March 14 at Viva PhxGoldwater Room (21+) at 8 P.M..

Read our interview with Thee Commons below and purchase Viva Phx tickets here
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Very first concert you attended and a memory from it.
Backyard punk/ska/metal/thrash show in East L.A.. Police showed up in full riot gear ready to arrest some adolescent teenagers. Angst won the night and everyone threw 40s at the cops. A helicopter showed up and everyone got kicked out.

If you could have any musician (dead or alive) as a mentor, who would it be?
James Brown.

Very first concert you played and a memory from it.
South L.A.… punk gig in 2006 with our first band. People moshed to songs we wrote. Feelings of exuberance and ecstasy permeated throughout our bodies.

Artist you would most like to collaborate with or have produce your music?
Camilo Lara from MIS or Steve Albini.

Personal truth that fans would be surprised to know about you.
We have a music writing addiction and Rene and David are siblings.

How do you spend a typical day when you’re not touring or busy recording?
We go for long walks on the beach, watch the sunset, and make love to the moonlight.

One artist or album you could never get tired of listening to?
Nirvana’s Nevermind, The Growler’s Are You In Or Out.

Earliest music-related memory you have?
Playing with pots and pans as drums and an out-of-tune guitar jamming at our grandma’s house thinking we could be rockstars one day. Playing Viva Phoenix is a stepping stone on our way there!

Nicest thing a fan has ever said, or given, to you?
Mushrooms before a set.

Interesting fact about your newest release.
It’s a 20-song compilation of nine EPs and singles we released in 2014 called Rock Is Dead: Long Live Paper and Scissors. Unfortunately, we didn’t include the Radio Novela from Volume VIbut it’s available on Bandcamp for FREE. The release will be on CD, tape, and 10 inch vinyl 33rpm.

Xperience you will never forget.
Getting stranded in Phoenix on December 2013. Our car exploded and we chilled for a whole day in the desert, smoked some weed, had a beer, and made a little video (which can be seen on Youtube). I’m sure this time around in Phoenix our experience will be just as great, if not better!

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