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Viva Phx Q&A: The Twilight Sad

The Twilight Sad, interview, Viva Phx 2015

Photo by Nicola Collins

Scottish post-punk rockers The Twilight Sad formed in 2003 as a high school cover band. After graduation, the members decided to take the band more seriously. Debut album, Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters, was released in 2007. Since then, the group has released three full-length albums, numerous EPs and singles. See the the trio perform live on March 14 at Viva PhxAZ Latino Arts & Cultural Center at 8 P.M..

Read our interview with The Twilight Sad below and purchase Viva Phx tickets here
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Very first concert you attended and a memory from it.
I was 14 and my big sister took me to see The Manic Street Preachers in Glasgow. It is still to this day one of the best nights I’ve ever had. I remember everything so vividly. Last year, we got to support them in Edinburgh and Glasgow, it was a really big thing for me. It was amazing how it all came full circle.

If you could have any musician (dead or alive) as a mentor, who would it be?
Weirdly, I’m friends with the people that influenced me. Arab Strap were a huge influence on me, once I heard their music I knew what I wanted to write about. Aidan is one of the best lyricists of all time and I’ve become really good friends with him. I’ve worked with him on his “Where You’re Meant To Be” project and toured the Highlands and Islands of Scotland with him. Mogwai were also a huge influence on me, we’ve toured with them three times now and I help out at their label Rock Action Records when I’m back home in Glasgow.

Very first concert you played and a memory from it.
The first gig we ever played as a band was in the 13th Note Cafe in Glasgow, which holds about 50 people at the most. We played for about 30 minutes and I think we only had two songs with lyrics and melodies at that time, so I’m not sure what I did for most of that gig. I probably went to the bar. I remember we covered Daniel Johnstone‘s “Walking the Cow.”

Artist you would most like to collaborate with or have produce your music?
It would be cool to do something with Robert Smith. We’re massive fans of The Cure. We’d also like to work with Geoff Barrow of Portishead on a record.

How do you spend a typical day when you’re not touring or busy recording?
On a busy day back home, I would go into Rock Action Records to do some work, then go to the cinema, then go play football, or soccer as you guys call it. At the weekends, I’ll go see Aberdeen Football Club with my dad then go the pub.

One artist or album you could never get tired of listening to?
Funeral by Arcade Fire.

Earliest music-related memory you have?
Everyday” by Buddy Holly playing throughout my house one Sunday morning.

Nicest thing a fan has ever said, or given, to you?
People who like our music are really kind to us. On this tour alone, we’ve been given gift baskets, home baked shortbread and comics (I’m a big Marvel fan). We’ve had clothes made for us, people bring us really nice bottles of vodka as they know we like it. We don’t expect or ask for anything like that, but it’s really nice that people do it for us. We’re just happy if they come to the gig and enjoy it.

Interesting fact about your newest release.
We recorded it at Mogwai’s studio, which is called The Castle of Doom.

Xperience you will never forget.
We’ve been lucky to have a lot of amazing experiences in this band. I’d say each American tour has been unforgettable. We grew up in a small town in Scotland and most people from there will never get the chance to visit America, we’ve been lucky enough to tour it 15 times and see most of the country.

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