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How I Spent My $25 iTunes Gift Card

At first I was like, what do I do with this?

Bandcamp, Spotify,, Pandora and Hype Machine have changed the way I listen to my music. And I don’t own an iPad or iPhone (yet), so applications for those toys are pointless for me to purchase.

But then, I got real.

Purchased music from iTunes means new music without illegal behavior.

How did I spend this shiny plastic card with a 16-digit code? Wisely, I think.

FriendsFriend Crush – Single
I heard the I’m His Girl EP (released October 2011) before Friend Crush (released March 2011), but immediately fell in love with Friend Crush. Perfect music to cruise to. Perfect music for a dance party playlist. Perfect music to get dressed to. In other words, this was likely the best investment I’ve made towards improving my social life.

DrakeTake Care (Deluxe Version)
Naturally this was my first thought when I received the gift. I pre-ordered the album. I (impatiently) waited. And now it’s here. Yes.

BeaconNo Body EP
The things you find on the Internet, when you take some time to listen. They had me at “No Body,” which features a Keith Sweat sample. (I kind of grew up on Keith Sweat, by the way. Thanks, Dad.)

Zulu WinterNever Leave/Let’s Move Back To Front – Single
For me, it all started with the October 2011 BIRP! Indie Rock Playlist.

Theme ParkA Mountain We Love / Wax – Single
I keep a file on my computer titled “musicianstolistento” and Theme Park had been on that list for the longest. I don’t recall how I came across the London-based band, but I was intrigued enough to add them to my to-listen-to list.

With only $0.56 left, I decided to go over my gift card credit and purchase the $0.69Sweetest Touch” track from Gross Magic.

Good decisions are good.


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