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The Spec’s Resolutions

The year 2011 is coming to a close and The Spec has big plans for 2012. As our readers may already know, we started this website a little over four months ago. We’re proud of our accomplishments to date and hope to add to those in the new year.

What can you expect from The Spec in 2012? Take a look at our new year’s resolutions and answer our reader poll…


The Spec is currently operated by Alexis Getscher and D’Aundra Wallace, but we can’t do this alone.

Next year, we will be recruiting interns. These individuals would be responsible for upkeep duties and have the opportunity to contribute content such as reviews and interviews.

The internship would be unpaid but a great opportunity to gain experience and references. Those who are interested may begin emailing us at admin [at] thespecblog [dot] com with the subject line “2012 Internships.” We will email out more information within the coming weeks and select at least four interns before the end of January.


Interested in being an advertiser or sponsor? Email us for more information.


In August 2012, we will celebrate our year anniversary. The plan is to have a celebration event featuring local and touring musicians, prizes and surprises!


  • Coverage – Going beyond music journalism to include coverage of other arts.
  • Photography – Offering professional photography sessions with musicians.
  • Print edition – Monthly print edition of The Spec that features in-depth interviews and musician profiles.
  • Public relations – A separate segment of The Spec that provides public relations services for musicians.

We love hearing your feedback. Please answer the poll below and don’t hesitate to contact us with your comments, questions, suggestions, (constructive) criticism and other feedback.

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