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Six Arizona Music Kickstarters to Kick Into Start

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Kickstarter allows users to financially support projects that range from development of consumer products to music productions, community theatre to indie films. Some locally brewed talent has taken to the site to fund their endeavors, find out how you can help below…

Fat Tree band, Mesa band, Fat Tree Kickstarter, Fat Tree Swim or Sink EP, Swim or Sink, Music KickstarterDive Into Fat Tree’s EP Swim or Sink

From the band:Fat Tree wants you to be a part of the band, and a part of our journey! We make uplifting, clean, positive music that we want to share with the world!”

What: New EP from the Mesa-based band

Fund by: Oct. 18

Coolest backer reward: Pledge $20 or more – “A fresh-baked batch of Fat Tree’s signature no-bake cookies, affectionately named “Oatmeal Candy Junk” and a copy of the new EP Swim or Sink.”

IAMWE Kickstarter, IAMWE tour, IAMWE and Anberlin Tour, music kickstarterIAMWE Meets East Coast

From the band:iamwe has been on earth for about 2.5 years. The first year was mainly spent testing the waters, playing shows and in search for our sound. The last 1.5 years have been dedicated to writing songs and narrowing a long list to the chosen few along with looking for a great band to tour nationally with.”

What: East coast tour in November with Anberlin following the band’s debut album Run Wild.

Fund by: Oct. 24

Coolest backer reward: Pledge $100 or more – “Digital album, signed hard copy, t-shirt, limited-edition vinyl copy of the album”

Fatal Error Band, Fatal Error Kickstarter, Music KickstarterFatal Error – The New Album

From the band: “Four life-long musicians, coming together to make an album that brings back everything we all loved about hard rock in it’s prime, and yet with a new sound that breathes life back into the lost genre of rock and roll.”

What: Album featuring new and old Fatal Error songs

Fund by: Oct. 24

Coolest backer reward: Pledge $20 or more – “We’ll mail you a signed copy of the CD when it’s finished!”

Future Loves Past Kickstarter, FLP Kickstarter, FLP, Music KickstarterFuture Loves Past Needs to Share this Album with You

From the band: “Music means a lot to us, and in the past two years, we’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort towards it. As an independent band, we’re not strangers to the long hours and hard work that it takes to pursue this passion. In that time we’ve also experienced the incredible power and friendship that our creative community can wield.”

What: Debut album from the Tempe-based band

Fund by: Oct. 25

Coolest backer reward: Pledge $50 or more – “You will receive a mix CD of FLP rarities and unheard demos, and all previous items.”

Up the Street Music Festival, Up the Street, Tempe music festival, music kickstarterUp the Street Independent Music Fest

From the entrepreneur: “Music lovers who enjoy the thrill of finding new music will finally have a festival that not only speaks to their sense of discovery but also respects their diverse palette by offering a wide variety of genres from indie rock, pop, punk, electro, hip hop, techno, and everything in between.” 

What: Tempe music festival for independent artists

Fund by: Oct. 31

Coolest backer reward:  Pledge $100 or more – “You just purchased a three-day, all-access pass to the festival taking place in Tempe, Ariz. at the beginning of 2013. You get to meet all the acts performing, network with the crew, photographers, or whoever you’d like!”

Steve Hunter Kickstarter, Steve Hunter, The Manhattan Blues Project, The Manhattan Blues Project Kickstarter

Guitarist Steve Hunter presents his Manhattan Blues Project

From the Hunter’s wife:“After touring with Alice Cooper last year and finding playing live a little difficult with his deteriorating eyesight, he is happy to be putting all his creative energy into this project and he wants to share that with you.”

What: The Manhattan Blues Project, a Steve Hunter solo album

Fund by: Nov. 2

Coolest backer reward: Pledge $25 or more – “You will get a signed CD as soon as it’s released…First 40 also get a backstage pass sticker from the NMMNG tour plus three of my personalized guitar picks.”

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