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RAWard Finalist: D Nietz

D Nietz Art

D Nietz was recently awarded Phoenix‘s Visual Artist of the Year by RAW Artists Phoenix. She will go on to compete nationally against other visual artists from all over the country.

Starting out experimenting with charcoal as a child in sixth grade, she continued her passion for art into her high school years and introduced acrylic paint and watercolor into her portfolio. Then, when high school was near over, Nietz says, “they told me I had no direction or themed series to continue pursuing art in college, so I shied away from it.” But life has a way of bringing you back to what you should be doing and with life’s added stress, Nietz “needed a distraction from all of the worry.”

On her artistic style, Nietz says she was interested in “how we, as an American culture, glorify these stars and famous people to watch them fail. We love them and love to bring them down. I started to paint my portrayal of this. They were pop culture inspired with gothic undertones.”

D Nietz Art

Nietz took some time out of her busy schedule to speak with The Spec about her musical influences and what she listens to while she creates her beautiful imagery…

TS: What was your favorite concert?
DN: My favorite concert was Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour. I went twice!

TS: If you could hang out backstage with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?
DN: I would want to hang out with Elton John backstage.

TS: Favorite song at the moment?      
DN: Favorite song is “Dance in the Dark” by Lady Gaga.

TS: Favorite musician at the moment?        
DN: My favorite musician at the moment is Ke$ha.

TS: Musician or type of music you like to listen to, if any, while you do your creative work?  
DN: When I paint, I like to paint to pop music.

TS: Preferred music-listening device: vinyl, radio, cassette, CD or digital (MP3s)?        
DN: I like listening to my iPod with my Beats by Dre via Heartbeats (Gaga brand). You hear things the way they were intended to be heard by the musician on those!

TS: All-time favorite or go-to musician?
DN: All time favorite musician is Lady Gaga (if you couldn’t tell). Paws up! I’m a little monster.

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  1. Our American culture glorifies celebrity, watches them fall, and then grants redemption. Americans generally love a true redemption story.

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