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RAWard Finalist: Diane Elizais

Diane Elizais Donati, Diane Elizais, Donati, Donati's Photography& Design

Diane Elizais (aka Donati) is a mutli-cultural, multi-faceted artist. Of Spanish and Turkish descent, Donati was raised in Los Angeles, Mexico, the midwestern U.S. and has finally landed in Arizona. Her father is a DJ and her mother is a dancer. It’s no surprise that this career graphic designer is also an award-winning photographer.

Read The Spec‘s Q & A with Elizais, who will be competing in the RAWards Finals in the photography category…

TS: When did you realize that photography would become your craft?
DE: The first day I built my first camera made from a cardboard box and a small hole, called a pinhole camera. I learned how to develop my own photographs and it was the most wonderful thing to have learned. Seeing the paper slowly become a photograph really got me excited to see the finished product.

TS: What is your dream project?
DE: My dream project would be in a situation where I’m not only working with professional models like Coco Rocha, but also trying to let my viewers know the purpose of each and individual photograph and the point I want to get across, that you do not need words to make a photography story.

TS: Who are your ‘model crushes’?
DE: Coco Rocha, Jessica Stam, Lara StoneStephanie Northwood-BlythSaskia de BrauwDaphne GroeneveldGryphon O’Shea, Josh Beech. Can’t get enough, there are many, they’re all good and they all attract me!

TS: Do you have a five-year plan, and if you are brave enough to have one, what is it?
DE: The first plan is to graduate next year, and receive my degree as a graphic designer. My career is not photography, but I live and breathe photography, because I use it everywhere I go. But most important in my career is to be able to work with Vogue and be recognized for my unique photographs, selling out my series of photography books. That’s my objective.

TS: What upcoming project are you most excited about? And why?
DE: What excites me most about all these plans is that I will start  work with international models on my next trip to Mexico City and I am very excited about the crafts and architecture in Mexico.

And now for a little music talk… Basically, right now, Donati is obsessed with Lana Del Rey and Florence + the Machine. “Radio” by Del Rey wins out as her favorite song.


View more of Donati’s work on her Facebook page.

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