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PixelThis Etsy Shop Makes Handmade Turntable Clocks

You can’t turn back time (Cher), but PixelThis is giving music fans the chance to turntable time. The Etsy shop stocks several turntable clocks, which are handmade from recycled turntables and albums (that can be easily switched out). These one-of-a-kind clocks may show some signs of wear, such as scratches and other imperfections, but these small details only add charm. Prices range from $119 to $149.

Check out a few of the turntable clocks below and browse the other styles on the PixelThis Etsy shop here

pixel this recycle turntable clock

“Recycled Magnavox console unit turntable and a Columbia Records 78 titled, ‘Let’s Dance.'” | $149

pixel this recycle turntable clock

“Recycled Technics turntable and a Robert Palmer album.” | $137

pixel this recycle turntable clock

“Recycled Sony turntable and an ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ album.” | $119


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