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Musical Anthropology

Photo courtesy of Infrogmation

Welcome to Wednesday; your new favorite.

Every Wednesday here on The Spec you will find an examination of one of the million streams of musical history. I am endlessly fascinated by the evolution of music, how one sound fuels the creation of another, and how we somehow arrived where we are from whence we came.

If you find yourself undecided on the merits of one musical movement versus another, this is the place for you.

Why were The Cardigans so underrated when it can be argued that they were simply the 90s version of Metric?

What is it about Sweden that continues to produce great tunes?

And just how many bass players named Kim have ever existed?

We’ll try to find the answers here. (Three off the top of my head.)

AND, I am always looking to learn more about music. So if you have a question about musical history you would like to see examined, or an interesting tidbit you’d like to share, email me: april[at]thespecblog[dot]com. Comments, questions and adulation are endlessly welcome.

Who knows, you might find that your favorite song already came out 20 years ago.


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