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Michael Rault talks ‘Living Daylight’ Release, Viva PHX

Photo by Meg Remy

Photo by Meg Remy

Two years after recording Living Daylight through Pirate’s Blend, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Michael Rault is finally releasing the album internationally. The American release of the 10-track album is slated for May 5 through Burger Records.

With psychedelic and melodic rock ‘n’ roll riffs echoing through each of his tunes, Rault’s performance at Viva PHX this month is not expected to disappoint.

The Spec interviewed Michael Rault about Living Daylight, as well as hockey, Mac Demarco and how different the weather is in Canada. Read what he had to say, below… 

Who were some of your musical influences growing up?
I went through a bunch of phases – The Beatles, I was super into the Stones. I went into R&B and soul, one of my favorites is Lee DorseyNew Orleans soul stuff.

What was the first song you heard where you thought “I have to do music”?
I was raised by musicians – my dad, mom, uncle – all gigged when I was a kid. It’s hard to pinpoint it. When I was younger, I was into crazy, aggressive rock ‘n’ roll. I remember hearing Don & DueyJustine”– big drum crash, screams at the end — and I remember thinking that was pretty cool.

The album was recorded in 2013. Why wait two years to release?
Preferably, it wouldn’t have happened that way. It took a long time. Pirate’s Blend, the Canadian label I’m on, wanted to try to find a way to release outside of Canada on a label. We did a soft release last summer, and that was when Burger Records found it and asked to do worldwide release, which couldn’t happen until spring 2015. Basically, we were waiting to find an American label.

What’s next for you after the album release?
We’re gonna be on tour in the states throughout March, tour Canada early April, come back to Toronto in April, work on new recordings, finalizing ideas and settle on what the next album will sound like. Back on the road in May and in the fall, continue to tour and get another record working.

You come from the same city as Mac DeMarco, who shares a similar sound with your music. Have you been able to meet him yet?
Me and him are family friends. My dad grew up around his mom, and I think our grandpas were friends. When we were teenagers, he would come to our shows because I’m a few years older than him. He played in one of our bands. I visited him in Vancouver and he comes to Montreal. I haven’t visited him in New York, yet.

What are you hoping to discover in Arizona?
I know a lot of people come there in the winter. It’s gonna be nice to check out the weather (it’s negative 5 degrees right now!) and maybe check out a hockey game.

What are you currently listening to?
I’m really digging LoveCalifornia-psych band popular in the 1960s. Also, Frank Zappa.

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