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Viva Phx Q & A: Krill

Krill, Interview, Viva Phx

Boston‘s Krill released Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears in February 2013. The rock band will perform on March 7 at the Hard Rock Cafe stage at 7 P.M. during Viva Phx.

Below, read The Spec‘s Q&A with the garage rock band…

Very first concert you attended and a memory from it.
Barenaked Ladies. There was a Q & A session.

If you could have any musician (dead or alive) as a mentor, who would it be?
Weird Al (R.I.P.).

Very first concert you played and a memory from it.
CJ Arthur’s in Wilmette, Ill. There was a TV behind us showing supermodels, we were 14.

Artist you would most like to collaborate with or have produce your music?
Dr Luke/Porches.

Personal truth that fans would be surprised to know about you.
Actually bad band.

How do you spend a typical day when you’re not touring or busy recording?
“What should I do with myself before the sun sets/fuck/it’s already gone”–fat history month.

One artist or album you could never get tired of listening to?
Dripping by Pile.

Earliest music-related memory you have?
The whistling sound my head made as I was birthed.

Nicest thing a fan has ever said, or given, to you?
Many people have made us dinners that we have cherished.

Interesting fact about your newest release.
It is 10″ in diameter.

Xperience you will never forget.
Loss of our virginities.

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