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Viva Phx Q & A: Kings of Spade

Kings of Spade, Interview, Viva Phx

Kings of Spade will be traveling from Hawaii to play the Last Exit Live stage on March 7 at midnight during the  Viva Phx festival. The five-member blues rock band released its sophomore self-titled album on Feb. 14.

 Read The Spec‘s Q&A with vocalist Kasi Nunes… 

Very first concert you attended and a memory from it.
In grade school I saw a Canadian troupe do a full concert hall production of Phantom of the Opera. I was blown away by the detail and spectacle of the production. The drama in their voices is what impacted me the most. I was mesmerized by the idea of using the voice as an art form to tell stories.

If you could have any musician (dead or alive) as a mentor, who would it be?
Beyoncé. She can sing, dance in six-inch heels, conduct a band James Brown style and put on a major visual production.

Very first concert you played and a memory from it.
I was a deejay before becoming a live-band musician. I would write rhymes for songs with extended hip-hop style instrumentals and bust them on the mic while spinning records.

Artist you would most like to collaborate with or have produce your music?
I would love to sing a piano ballad with Adele one day.

Personal truth that fans would be surprised to know about you.
When people see a spiked mohawk they assume I am influenced by punk music, but blues, soul, and funk get me going.

How do you spend a typical day when you’re not touring or busy recording?
I surf during the day and tend bar at night.

One artist or album you could never get tired of listening to?
Otis Redding.

Earliest music-related memory you have?
Unfortunately, one my older sisters dragged my to a Kriss-Kross concert. I was too young to comprehend whether it was cool or not, but I do remember thinking how dumb people looked with their clothes on backwards.

Nicest thing a fan has ever said, or given, to you?
“Holy fuck balls!,” said by Scott Johnson after listening to a ripped copy of our album before we released it. He knows his shit, musically, so it meant the world to me.

Interesting fact about your newest release.
Our guitar player turned us on to Rival Son‘s first album which we loved. He said he was going to see if their producer might want to record our new album. I sort of rolled my eyes in disbelief like, “Sure… that’ll happen.” Then it actually happened. We flew from Hawaii to Nashville and made a record with Dave Cobb!

Xperience you will never forget.
Me and the boys pulling off an RV lot in Los Angeles, March 2013, ready to tackle a 30-day U.S. mainland tour. That might be small potatoes for a lot of bands. For this little band from Hawaii, that was huge! We are about tour again this year, L.A. to Phoenix and Austin, and it feels so normal this time around. I got my eyes on Canada and Europe this year.

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