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Help Replace Bogan Via’s Stolen Gear via IndieGoGo

Bogan Via, IndieGoGo

It seems like all too often we hear stories about tour vans being stolen or broken into and musicians losing all their gear. It’s hard enough for a band to be able to hit the road and go on tour– money for gas, food, time off from work, etc.– but it’s crushing to lose the very things that make the tour possible.

Unfortunately, on Sept. 27, it happened to Phoenix-natives Bogan Via. While in San Francisco, the band manager’s car got broken into and the duo’s MacBooks, keyboards, guitar and amps were all stolen. For the last six years, Bogan Via has been recording everything on those MacBooks, including the tracks for upcoming album BOGANVIALAND. Although the files can’t be replaced, the group is doing everything it can to replace the gear.

If you’d like to help the band, an IndieGoGo page has been set up so fans can donate money. Once everything is replaced, Bogan Via plans to re-record the album and send a signed copy to everyone who donates.

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