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Viva Phx Q & A: GRMLN

GRMLN, yoodoo park, viva phx, viva phoenix, arizona music festival, arizona events, phoenix, live music, interview, band interview, downtown phoenix music festival, phoenix new times, stateside presents Yoodoo Park is the Japan-born, California-dwelling man behind GRMLN.

Park will release Empire in June on Carpark Records, but until then, fans can see him perform his “mood rock” live at Viva Phx‘s Phx Alley stage at 9 P.M. on March 7.

Read The Spec‘s Q & A with Park…

Very first concert you attended and a memory from it.
The first concert I’d ever gone to was probably a show with some local bands in my city that I don’t even remember the names of because all I remembered from the show was how bad it sounded. It definitely made my first concert experience really depressing.

If you could have any musician (dead or alive) as a mentor, who would it be?
It would probably be Jimi Hendrix.

Very first concert you played and a memory from it.
First concert I ever played was at my high school, and it was actually pretty fun and also a really big crowd for a first show. All I remember from that show was how much my stomach was hurting from a huge burrito I ate the day before and it started kicking in right when we started the first song.

Artist you would most like to collaborate with or have produce your music?
To be honest, I think it would be really funny but really cool to have a record produced by any of the producers who make albums for Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, or any of those top radio artists. Or Kanye [West] would be sick just so I would be able to get yelled at for no reason.

Personal truth that fans would be surprised to know about you.
I am 6’4″ so a lot of people are surprised when they see me because I completely destroy the Asian stereotype. I’m also really unintelligent compared to that of the “average Asian.”

How do you spend a typical day when you’re not touring or busy recording?
I’m usually traveling from the bay area SF/SC, and visiting places where my friends are at.

One artist or album you could never get tired of listening to?
Weezer‘s Pinkerton.

Earliest music-related memory you have?
I remember listening to a lot of really cheesy Japanese groups with all girls in my car ride to school. I really liked it though, for sure.

Nicest thing a fan has ever said, or given, to you?
The nicest thing a fan has ever given me is a dirty look.

Interesting fact about your newest release.
My newest album was mixed, recorded and finished in five days.

Xperience you will never forget.
Slipping on dog feces and getting it all over my pants at school. And walking home all the way because my mom wouldn’t let me get in the car ’cause it was smearing all over the place.

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