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Confession: I Have Bieber Fever


It was a Monday, or maybe a Thursday. It doesn’t matter really, the crippling of my music-loving soul was about to take place and my life would be forever changed (not really).

A man’s voice streamed through my speakers. He said something about Justin Bieber and before I could change the channel, the beat grabbed me. Justin Bieber? Nooo it couldn’t be, the DJ must have been talking about the song before.

Oh. My. God. This is catchy! Bieber? Really? Yeahhhhh girl.

Originally, I kept this to myself. No way was I going to admit I’d leave the radio on while The Biebs was playing. Prior to this song, the most Bieber exposure I allowed myself to have was the Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber Tumblr. But then I found myself almost hoping I’d hear it.

At that point, I texted my sister and asked if we were in a judgement-free zone. I needed to admit this to someone and she lives 1,800 miles away, so I figured my secret was safe with her.

My realization that I didn’t hate this song only grew stronger the more I listened. I began to ask friends if they’d heard the song and after they’d confess their love, I’d open up, “OMG, me too! He sounds so grown up!”

I’ve come to the conclusion that¬†if the Ying Yang Twins’Whisper Song” and Justin Timberlake had a baby, that baby would be “Boyfriend,” and I’d offer to babysit every single weekend.

I don’t care who knows it.¬†LISTEN TO “BOYFRIEND.” I think I’ve told everyone I know, some refuse to believe me, others have “judging you” written all over their faces. I’m not even embarrassed. Catch me saying I like a Taylor Swift song and then I’ll welcome an intervention.


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