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CLLCT, established in 2008, is an online music community where users can upload their music, discover new artists based on recommendations and make friends.

All of the music on the website is free because “…the wonderful artists of the CLLCT family would rather have their music heard than sold!”

To date, more than 1,645 artists, including a few from Arizona, have shared over 3,071 releases. “We see music as an art form, not as a commodity,” reads the site.

Below are The Spec’s recommendations of artists on CLLCT…



Who: You Me & Us
From: Bermuda Dunes, CA
Genre(s): garage, indie punk, pop
Links: Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, blog

Alexis on the band: You Me & Us remind me of the band I wish I went to high school with. The hint of teenage angst in Carlee Hendrix‘s voice is just the right amount to avoid sounding whiney.

On top of the captivating vocals and garage-rock sound, the band features a song named after an Arrested Development scene. You Me & Us, you had me at “Steve Holt!”

Favorite songs:

Song: Off Pudding

Song: California Street

Song: Steve Holt!



Who: The Bleed Whites
From: Toronto
Genre(s): garage rock, folk, lo-fi, surf
Links: Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Dee on the band: It was sort of love at first listen. I genuinely believe this band has a lot of potential. But really, could you expect anything less from a band that features Bruce Lee (guitar, vocals, mixing, artwork), Abe Lincoln (drums) and Winston Churchill (bass)?

Favorite songs:

Song: Eat the Spurs

Song: Bone Marrow

Song: Sunset Bound

Other CLLCT suggestions: A Wonderful, Aquawizard, Dirty Merlin, Flatsound, Ports of Call, Tinyfolk


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