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The Challenge

Don’t Foursquare your location, don’t tweet your anticipation.

Spend time with yourself, and strangers, and musicians, and the music.

Enjoy the show.

Use your senses — all of them. They miss you. See every detail. Hear every note. Touch the gray matter of your brain, open it, file away details. Smell. Taste the overall atmosphere – chew on the sounds, gargle the lyrics in your mouth and spit them out when they begin to burn with readiness, swallow the vibe.

Don’t miss out on the present just to record for the future.

Are you afraid that you’ll forget? That the details will be discolored after a week, disintegrating after a month, growing spores and blackened by mold? Fear not. All that is forgotten is not forever lost. If you nurture them, details will sprout recollections that bloom into memories.

Trust your nature.

Are you still afraid that you’ll forget? Record it with your words. Relive the moment in a diary, a journal, a notebook. Write it with your hands, not the tips of your fingers. Let your penmanship show your intensity, or uncertainty.

Have faith in your mind.

Allow yourself to feel the mood. Feel it fully, even if it overwhelms you. This will help you remember.

Too many people rely on technology, but technology isn’t as dedicated to your mind as your body is. Don’t view the show through an electronic screen. Don’t lift it up so others are forced to share the same misery. The only mind you deserve to lose is your own.

The challenge is to hunt and gather. Feed your head.

In other words, put down your gadgets and watch the show.

You think I’m writing this to you?

I might be, especially if you are that guy who was in the pit at the Arcade Fire show at Comerica Theatre on April 13. You stood in front of me and only put your camera phone down when it was running out of storage or battery, and even then, it was quickly replaced with a compact digital camera. I’ll never forget you. I know your YouTube handle. And for the record, your videos barely scratch the surface.

I also might be challenging myself.

*Disclaimer: If you’re taking electronic recordings for work, then don’t challenge yourself when you’re clocked in. Work is livelihood.

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