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And the Beat Goes on: Musicians Dead in February

Death is inevitable. But at The Spec, we share this sentiment with Neil Strauss: “Everyone loves you when you’re dead.”

Perhaps the most talked about music news of February came with the death of 48-year-old Whitney Houston, but this month has seen the passing of several musicians — some foreigners, some lesser known than Houston. May we not forget the others…

Below, learn more about some musicians who passed in February, and their music…

Luis Alberto Spinetta, dead at 62

Luis Alberto Spinetta, also known as “El Flaco,” was an Argentine musician and one of the most popular South American rock artists. Along with Charly Garcia, he is considered a father of Argentine rock. Spinetta was active from 1967 through 2012, working as a solo musician and in bands Almendra, Pescado Rabioso, Invisible, Spinetta Jade and Spinetta y los Socios del Desierto.

Jimmy Sabater Sr., dead at 75

Born in Harlem, Jimmy Sabater was a Latin musician. For more than 20 years he was the main voice behind the Joe Cuba Band. Sabater was also a three-time ACE Awards recipient.

Russell Arms, dead at 92

Russell Lee Arms was an American singer and actor. He is known for his 1957 hit single “Cinco Robles (Five Oaks).” Between 1952 and 1957, Arms became popular with his role as the vocalist on the NBC television series Your Hit Parade.

Dory Previn, dead at 86

Dory Previn was a singer-songwriter, lyricist and poet. During the 1950s and 60s, she served as a lyricist on songs for motion pictures. Throughout the 1970s, she released seven albums — six included original songs, one was a live album.

Tonmi Lillman, dead at 38

Tonmi Lillman was a Finnish drummer. He also played guitar and keyboards. Lillman is best known for his involvement in bands Sinergy, To/Die/For and Lordi, although he also played with bands Vanguard, 3rror and Kylähullut.

Michael Davis, dead at 68

Michael Davis wore many hats during his life. He was a bass guitarist, songwriter, singer and music producer. He is known for his involvement with the band MC5, but also played with Destroy All Monsters and Blood Orange.

Elizabeth Connell, dead at 65

Elizabeth Connell was an opera singer who began her career as a mezza soprano and later became a dramatic soprano. Born in South Africa, Connell’s career was primarily in Australia and the United Kingdom. She was praised for her performances by Wagner, Strauss and Beethoven.

Christopher Reimer, dead at 26

Christopher Reimer was a founding member of the Calgary-based band Women. More recently, he served as a touring member of The Dodos.

Thom Enright, dead at 59

Thom Enright was a blues guitarist. He was a founding member of The Young Adults and contributed to the Tombstone Blues Band.

Pery Ribeiro, dead at 74

Pery Ribeiro was a Brazilian singer from 1959 to shortly before his death in 2012. He sang Bossa Nova, jazz and MPB music.

Louisiana Red, dead at 79

Louisiana Red was a singer, blues guitarist and harmonica player. He recorded over 50 albums. “Sweet Blood Call” is one of Red’s most popular songs.


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