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And the Beat Goes on: Musicians Dead in April

Death is inevitable. But at The Spec, we share this sentiment with Neil Strauss: “Everyone loves you when you’re dead.”

Over 30 musicians–singers to clarinetists, young (33-year-old Tommy Marth) to old (96 year-old Kishiko Wakamatsu), American to Japanese–have died this month. In the genre of opera alone, four singers from around the world have passed: Lili Chookasian (American), Stefánia Moldován (Hungarian), Margarita Lilova (Bulgarian-born Austrian), Sári Barabás (Hungarian-born German).

We’ve also lost two influential figures, who were not musicians, but played a role in the industry — America’s Dick Clark or Uganda’s George Wilberforce Kakoma. Clark was not a musician, but his impact on the industry is notable, and Kakoma was no international sensation, but he composed Uganda’s National Anthem, “Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty.”

Below, learn more about some musicians who passed this month, and their music…

Jimmy Little, dead at 75

Jimmy Little was an Australian Aboriginal teacher, actor and musician whose career as a singer-songwriter and guitarist spanned 61 years.

Teddy Charles, dead at 84

Teddy Charles was a composer and jazz musician who played the drums, piano and vibraphone.

Barney McKenna, dead at 72

Barney McKenna was an Irish musician who played mandolin, melodeon, and was considered a renowned banjo player.

Cynthia Dall, dead at 41

Cynthia Dall, also known as Cindy Dall, was a lo-fi musician who had a successful solo career and was associated with acts such as Smog, Jim O’Rourke, Lisa Carver.

José Guardiola, dead at 81

José Guardiola was a singer who performed in both Spanish and Catalan.

Ismail Haron, dead at 66

Ismail Haron was a singer and one of Singapore‘s famed pop artists during the 1960s and 1970s.

Andrew Love, dead at 70

Andrew Love was an American saxophone player and member of The Memphis Horns.

Dimitris Mitropanos, dead at 64

Dimitris Mitropanos was a renowned Greek singer, known for his expertise of the Greek music style Laïkó.

Levon Helm, dead at 71

Levon Helm was an American actor and multi-instrumentalist who served as a vocalist and drummer for The Band.

Bert Weedon, dead at 91

English musician Bert Weedon was a guitarist whose playing style was most influential during the 1950s and 1960s.

Greg Ham, dead at 58

Greg Ham was an actor, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, organ, flute, synthesiser, piano) and member of the group Men at Work.

Iküzöne, dead at 46

From 1996 until his death, Iküzöne was the bass player for the Japanese rock band Dragon Ash.

Chris Ethridge, dead at 65

American guitarist Chris Ethridige was a musician who worked with acts such as the International Submarine Band, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Gram Parsons.

Billy Bryans, dead at 62

Canadian musician Billy Bryans was a songwriter, producer, percussionist, DJ and a founder of the pop band The Parachute Club.

Eric Charden, dead at 69

Eric Charden was a french singer-songwriter who performed with his wife Annie Gautrat in the duo Stone and Charden.


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