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The Archives: January

archives, the spec, the spec archives, interviews, music, journalism, music blog, band interviews, band features, Andrea Estella, Linsey Chrishel, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Chronicles of a fan girl, twin sisterOnce a month, The Spec editors will compile a list of articles published on The Spec in years past. The Archives is an opportunity for SPECtators, both old and new, to explore content that may have gone under the radar.


“THE SPECifics: Andrea Estella On Dreams, David Bowie, Guilty Pleasures,”¬†originally published on January 27, 2012

This is one of my favorite Spec interviews ever. We got creative with the questions and still received answers from Estella that, in my opinion, really capture her personality. Every time I read this article, I want to be best friends with her and I have the urge to listen to Twin Sister.

“Chronicles of a Fan Girl: Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald,” originally published on January 9, 2013

Linsey Chrishel has a way with words, a real knack for storytelling. In this particular post, I think Chrishel captures what most Holiday and Fitzgerald fans feel but can’t always articulate. Her narrative is an ode to a loved one lost and a testament to the immeasurable power of music.


“Letters of Note,” originally published on January 9, 2012

I liked this article, as part of The Spec’s weekly Music+ section, because it introduced me to a wonderful site called Letters of Note. The website allows readers to review handwritten notes from a realm of celebrities and musicians. Each time I revisit the site, I get lost in the history of my favorite musicians.

“Photos, Videos: Handsome Furs, Papa,” originally published January 19, 2012

This was a great live show with a ton of energy and I love the way Dee Wallace captured the vibe through her photos and video. Plus, the GIFs she created are super cool!

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