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The Archives: August, September

archives, the spec, the spec archives, interviews, music, journalism, music blog, band interviews, band featuresOnce a month, The Spec editors will compile a list of articles published on The Spec in years past. The Archives is an opportunity for SPECtators, both old and new, to explore content that may have gone under the radar.


Photo Diary: Black Carl’s Alaskan Tour,” originally published Aug. 13, 2012

We equipped all of the members of Black Carl with a disposable camera to document their journey through Alaska while on tour. The results were great. We started the photo series off with photos from John Krause‘s camera, which is linked above.

What I Learned at Bandcamp: Northern Hustle,” originally published Aug. 13, 2012

What can I say? I like Northern Hustle.

Chronicles of a Fan Girl: Otis Redding,” originally published Sept. 25, 2012

I mean, come on:

Otis Redding’s music continues to grow on and with me. When I grew out of childish crushes into colossal adult-sized ones, Redding was there to carry me through. When I found myself nursing the wounds caused by the inevitable fall from idealistic love onto the cold pavement of heart-wrenching reality, Redding picked me up. His messages and works only mean more to me as the world becomes more crystalline with age. I look back at the years I had stars in my eyes and I know, that the only true love that lasts is the love you find in songs.

The SPECifics: The Senators of Americana,” originally published Sept. 5, 2012

The Senators is a great local band. I’m glad we had the opportunity to interview them early on.


Gardens & Villa Brings Galactic Fever,” originally published Aug. 15, 2011

This post will always hold a special place as it was the first thing we ever published on The Spec. G&V then went on to play Coachella…coincidence?

WU LYF: Darby Crash Redux,” originally published Aug. 19, 2011

This post was my first introduction to WU LYF and I’m bummed the band is no longer in existence.

A Great Escape: The Apache Lake Music Festival,” originally published Sept. 28, 2011

I can’t believe I still have yet to make it to the festival.

Crescent Ballroom: AZ Music Scene’s Silver Lining,” originally published Sept. 27, 2011

Before Crescent Ballroom opened its doors, Dee called it our silver lining and boy was she right.

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