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Since August 2011, The Spec has focused its efforts on covering local and international independent musicians.  Thousands of readers visit the blog every month for music news, album and concert reviews, ticket giveaways, band interviews and more.

The Spec is always looking for advertisers and sponsors. See below for five ad options available starting as low as $10…



Ad space is located on the bottom right sidebar on all pages (excluding “home,” “about,” “contact,” “staff” and “work with the spec” pages)

•Availability: 4 | •Size (pixels): 125 x 125 | •Price: $25/month | •60-day commitment minimum


Ad space is located above posts on every page (excluding “home,” “about,” “contact,” “staff” and “work with the spec” pages)

•Availability: 1 | •Size (pixels): 486 x 60 | •Price: $150/month | •60-day commitment minimum


Ad space is located below posts on every page (excluding “home,” “about,” “contact,” “staff” and “work with the spec” pages)

•Availability: 3 | •Size (pixels): 486 x 60 | •Price: $75/month | •60-day commitment minimum


Ad space is located on the bottom of every page (excluding “about,” “contact,” “staff” and “work with the spec” pages)

•Availability: 2 | •Size (pixels): 728 x 90 | •Price: $125/month | •60-day commitment minimum

Have a special event, business, product or service that you think Spec readers would be interested in? We are now offering sponsored posts for approved advertisers.


Featured Post (available to approved advertisers only: no bands or artists, preferably businesses or brands in music or entertainment industries).

• Interview with or “sponsored” article on the advertiser to be posted on The Spec website (
*Please note: The Spec editors will be responsible for writing the featured posts, but advertisers can consult with editors regarding content of posts, as well as desired word count. Advertisers are permitted to review the post before it is published.

• Price: $10 per 100 words

• Add-ons:
• post featured in homepage slider or as top article under “most recent articles” section (for one week): + $10

• post shared on Spec social media accounts: Facebook (+ $5), Twitter (+ $3), Instagram (+ $2) *prices subject to change based on follower count, ask about current pricing

If you are interested in partnering with The Spec, please contact us directly at admin [at] thespecblog [dot] com, or by phone at (480) 359-7732. Download PDF with the above advertising detail here or request updated ad package featuring current site stats and prices.

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