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Videos: Me Vale Madre, Rajiv Patel, Emby Alexander, Bogan Via

Last night’s all-local show featuring Me Vale Madre, Rajiv Patel, Emby Alexander and Bogan Via fell between the cracks of Crescent Ballroom‘s booked calendar. Attendance was light, but the musicians didn’t seem to carry the heavy weight of that truth.

Instead, the show began with the effortless charm of the Bogan Via duo and ended on the intricate layers of Me Vale Madre. It was centered with Emby Alexander and Rajiv Patel and what the former didn’t show the audience through visual elements, the latter told with alluring instrumentals.

All of the bands have interesting beginnings: Bogan Via was born when solo artist Bret Bender contacted Madeleine Miller after viewing her YouTube channel, which she used to record music.

Emby Alexander was formed by Michael Alexander, an innovative artist and former frontman of the defunct Boys & Frogs, and now involves a collaborative of artists in various forms.

Guitarist Rajiv Patel, most known for his involvement in Before Braille and The Letterpress, has long held a favorable reputation within the local music scene and is seemingly on the rise again with backing support from two drummers.

And headliners Me Vale Madre started when Tony Patiño, Mike Bell and PJ Waxman, members from Dear and the Headlights, Attack of the Giant Squid, Lymbyc Systym and Yellow Minute, and ukulele shark Tommie Victor joined forces.

Watch recorded performances of all of the bands below…



Watch Emby Alexander’s live performance of “Hands” here.



View a few photos from the evening on The Spec‘s Instagram.

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  1. Thanks for the coverage! Glad you guys could make it 🙂

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