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Videos: Old, New, Coming Soon from Locals

It’s not often that local musicians spend the time or money to make a music video, but when they do, it’s usually magical. Below, check out a few old, new and coming soon music videos by local artists…


Terrible People recently released its debut LP Wireless Generation, a musical testament to what it means to be young and American during the 21st century. Last year, the Arizona-based rock band pre-released the single “Bill Murray.” The music video for the track garned some attention, eventually making its way to Bill Murray’s official Wikipedia page. The Spec is revisiting this zombie-filled gem just in time for the Halloween season.


Steff Koeppen and the Articles‘s new video for “Finding” is as sweet as the track itself. The self-proclaimed “progressive pop” band from Tucson is led by Koeppen who contributes piano, melodic vocals and songwriting. The simplicity of the video proves refreshing and charming. “Finding” is the second track on the band’s album Stories You Can’t Tell, released in May on River Jones Music.


Emby Alexander, fronted by Michael Alexander of the defunct Boys & Frogs, is currently working on a music video for the single “Drag the Long Way Home.” The talented filmmaker Trevvor Riley appears to be involved with production, and Alexander himself is known for being imaginative with his work, which means The Spec is looking forward to the debut music video. Until the release, enjoy the behind-the-scenes teaser.

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