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Videos: Behind the Tour

The National, VV Brown, tour video

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tour the country with a band? In November of 2012, The Spec went on the road with Los Angeles-band Races, but before you drop everything and become a roadie, check out behind-the-scenes tour videos, an easy way to hit the road from the comfort of your living room.

On Dec. 19, London-based indie-soul artist VV Brown released “Going Indie.” The documentary follows Brown as she releases sophomore album Samson & Delilah, a record put out on independent label YOY Records, which she founded this year.

Documentary “Mistaken for Strangers” will make its theatrical debut in March 2014. The film is shot by Tom Berninger, the younger brother of Matt Berninger¬†who is the lead singer for The National. Matt invited Tom on tour as a roadie, but Tom soon began to ignore his roadie duties to film an unsanctioned documentary about the band.

The film is an intimate glimpse at two brothers at very different points in their lives– Matt at nearly 40, is experiencing life as a rock star, and Tom, 30, was living at home prior to being invited on the road. After tour, Tom moves in with Matt and his wife and begins to edit over 200 hours of footage he filmed during the tour. “He’s scattered, overwhelmed and feeling lost. The film Tom finally produces is a hilarious and touching look at two very different brothers, and an odd but strangely moving portrait of a popular, nuanced band.”

Watch VV Brown’s tour video “Going Indie” and check out the trailer for upcoming documentary “Mistaken for Strangers,” below…

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