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Videos: Alexander Chen

Alexander Chen, Creative Director at Google, Alexander Chen videos, Beach Boys, Bach, videos, music videosFor many people, listening to music is more than an auditory experience. It can awaken other senses.

You may close your eyes at the sound of a favorite song to see how it moves visually. Or perhaps when the eyes are closed and the music is on, memories appear that are so vivid it feels as if you can touch, smell and taste that past.

Alexander Chen is a part-time musician (Boy in Static, The Consulate General), as well as a Creative Director at the Google Creative Lab in New York. His job, in his own words: “I make interactive, musical work […] I have worked on things like Glass and the Les Paul Doodle.”

Below, see J.S. Bach in red and a visualization of the Beach Boys’ vocals “inspired by the physics of church bells.” To see more of Chen’s videos, visit his Vimeo page here.

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