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Videos: Andrew Duncan Brown, Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl

Videos, Andrew Duncan Brown, Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl, RIP

It’s been a heartbreaking week in the Arizona music scene. On Monday, we learned that 27-year-old singer-songwriter Andrew Duncan Brown had passed away. He was touring Europe and found dead at a house in France. His death was ruled an accident and drugs and/or alcohol were not involved.

Then, on Monday evening, an update to the Facebook page of Amy Ross¬†stated the singer and one half of the duo Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl¬†had died. Ross was receiving dialysis and had been battling the effects of Lupus for quite some time. The following afternoon, another update revealed that Derrick Ross, Amy’s husband and other half of the band, had taken his own life.

In just two days, Arizona lost three talented members of its music community. As the update on Amy Ross’ Facebook fittingly suggests, “Enjoy every sandwich. We love and will miss you all. Go be nice to someone for us.”

In remembrance, watch videos below from Andrew Duncan Brown and Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl…

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  1. I am Andrew’s mother. I encourage you all to take a listen to his stuff. he touched us all.

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