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Video: ‘Why Do You Make Music?’

Photo by D'Aundra Wallace, feet, legs, cords, concert photography

Photo by D. Wallace

Since August 2011, The Spec has dedicated every Thursday to What I Learned at Bandcamp. The feature presents lesser-known, up-and-coming, local and non-local artists from all over the world who share their music on the Bandcamp website.

Posts typically include a short interview and embeds of the music. It’s a quick and easy way for readers to familiarize themselves with new music. In every Q & A, the question “why do you make music?” is asked and the responses are often thoughtful, articulate and insightful.

We’ve taken the answers to that question from bands featured this year and put them in video form. Watch it below and if you’d like to learn more about the artists, browse around here.

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