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Video: South of France ‘Civilization’

South of France, South of France band, Civilization song

Photo by Luca Venter

Denver‘s South of France is a twee, dream-pop band featuring multi-instrumentalist and producer Jeff Cormack and singer-songwriter Kelly Lueke.

Cormack started the band as a solo, part-time music project that allowed him to explore his love for “retro guitar-pop.” South of France became a duo shortly after Cormack met Lueke in Los Angeles. The two bonded over shared musical favorites and decided to come together to make melodic, guitar-driven pop productions with balanced male-female harmonies. Now married, the husband-and-wife act are set to release a new album, Another Boring Sunrise, in 2016.

Civilization” is a bright and reflective song that evokes a feeling of wandering from place to place without concern for what direction you’re headed in. The recently released music video for the single matches the vibe of the production. Cormack on the concept:

We spend a lot of time in nature. We’re always going on little outdoor adventures, so we figured we’d make a video that represents us. Our nature lives and our city lives. All of the city shots are of places we explore regularly in our hometown of Denver.

Watch below and let us know what you think in the comments…

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