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Arizona Rapper Yung Tokes Releases ‘Bowties and Tattoos,’ Attends Law School

Yung Tokes, interview, video

Michigan-native Mohamad Tokko, known by stage name Yung Tokes, released his second album, Bowties and Tattoos, last month. The hip-hop artist currently attends Arizona Summit Law School and will graduate with his degree in December, making him “the first hip hop artist ever to graduate from law school all while creating an album.”

Bowties and Tattoos is a concept album that directly relates to Yung Tokes’ experience with his contrasting lifestyle as a rapper (tattoos) and a law student/attorney (bow ties). On Sept. 27, YT will open for Soulja Boy at Oceans Seven in Scottsdale and again on Sept. 28 at Club XS in Tucson.

Below, watch The Spec‘s video interview with Yung Tokes as well as a freestyle by the up-and-coming artist…

Video shot and edited by Hector Reyes.

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  1. Wow, this is such an incredible and inspiring story. This gentleman is going to go so far in life! I am so excited to now go and listen to his music. Thanks for the amazing read. Good Luck with everything Yung Tokes, you just got a new fan!

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