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Video: Dralms ‘Shook’

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Photo by Todd Duym

Dralms, the Vancouver outfit styled by singer-songwriter and frontman Christopher Smith, is set to release its debut full-length album on Oct. 2 through Boompa Records and Full Time Hobby. The band just shared a new music video for the title track “Shook,” which Smith directed.

The video is minimal. Moving pictures show one subject at a time: Smith turning like a statue on display, moving only his mouth to sing; spinning floral arrangements that offer the only bit of color among the neutral images; and the back of a woman lying on a white bed in an empty warehouse — motionless.

“’Shook’ is that moment when everything changes. Where you hold on to what’s true to you for dear life, or let it all crumble, accept it, pick up the pieces and move on,” Smith says in a press release.

Dralms has released two singles — “Crushed Pleats” and “Pillars & Pyre” — over the past year, both bold and attention-grabbing productions. The band has yet to release a lot of music but has already been compared to established acts, such as Spiritualized, Pink Floyd and Talk Talk. Dralms’ success is too early to call, but this month the act makes its grand 10-track introduction with the Shook LP.

Watch the new video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below…

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