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Video: Darwin Deez ‘Kill Your Attitude’

Darwin Deez, Double Down, Kill Your Attitude

Photo by Krista Schlueter

Two years have passed since Darwin Deez released Songs for Imaginative People, his sophomore album and the follow up to his attention-grabbing debut. Recently, Deez announced that his third record, Double Down, will be on its way via Lucky Number on Sept. 18.

“Kill Your Attitude” is the first single from the forthcoming LP and as its title suggests, the song is about the battlefield of relationships. Going along with the “love is war” theme, Dent De Cuir directed a music video for the track in which Deez is unknowingly a target in a virtual shooter game played by his significant other. It’s virtual but a clear reality for that many in committed relationships.

Listen to the single and watch the video to see the target on Deez get bigger and bigger because of his sloppiness, laziness, long showers and time spent playing video games…

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