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Video: Atmosphere ‘Sunshine’

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It only took eight years, but Atmosphere has finally made a video for its infamous single, “Sunshine.” The video was made to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Rhymesayers, a label founded by the Minneapolis duo.

Fittingly, the “Sunshine” music video was produced in partnership with SunPort, a Kickstarter-funded campaign that brings solar power to the every day man. The video was created entirely with solar-power technology and true to the lyrics, follows a girl who woke up with a hangover but feels better once she’s outside enjoying the sunny weather.

The startup is currently running a giveaway featuring Slug-and-Ant-signed SunPort betas. Any individual that donates more than $39 and tweets something awesome with the hashtag #sunshinesunport will be entered to win.

Check out the “Sunshine” music video, as well as a behind-the-scenes take, below…

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