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Soren Bryce to Open for Mr Little Jeans at Valley Bar

Soren Bryce

Soren Bryce is a blossoming singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. On Aug. 28, she released her self-titled debut EP that garnered positive attention from both critics and fans. With guidance from David Kahne, a veteran producer who has worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Ingrid Michelson and Lana Del Rey, Bryce has honed in on her unique style of indie folk pop. The 18-year-old musician has already received praise from BULLETT, NPR, Paste, Billboard and other noteworthy publications.

Bryce is currently on tour of the west coast with MR. LITTLE JEANS. The two Los Angeles-based acts will make a stop underground at Valley Bar in Phoenix on Nov. 20. Tickets, $12-$15, are still available — purchase them online here and check out Bryce’s newest music video for “Ride with You.

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