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Shaking Through Documents the Making of a Song

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Shaking Through is a documentary series produced by Philadelphia‘s Weathervane Music. Every year, the people behind the project challenge 10 exciting up-and-coming musical acts to create a song in just two days. It’s a collection of more than 20 must-see videos for those who are just as intrigued by the creative process as the final productions.

The series connects musicians with filmmakers and artists in order to expand their productions and give them the reward that is exposure. “A free opportunity for all, we work to create an environment that fosters creativity and the joy of and art for art’s sake,” reads the website.

Since its beginning in 2009, Shaking Through has featured Twin Sister, Sharon Van Etten, Ava Luna and more beloved indie acts of today. Watch some videos below to see how a song is born…

View other episodes, learn more about the Shaking Through concept, donate to the series or become a member on the website.

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