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SerialBox Presents Video Series

SerialBox Presents, video, music video, live video

SerialBox Presents is a live, one-take video project aimed at showing the most true form of artists’ songs. The project created its first video three years ago with Paper Route and has produced 37 additional videos with up-and-coming bands from all over the country.

More videos are still to come in Season 2, which features artists likeĀ Milo Greene, The Lone Bellow and Madi Diaz. Each of the videos is accompanied by an in-depth interview and photos of the musicians.

“We believe that the tiny imperfections present in any live performance are not something to be removed or glossed over, but rather are the very things that make for a beautiful, unexpected performance.”– SerialBox Presents

Watch some of the live videos below, and don’t forget to subscribe to receive email notifications about new releases…

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