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Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special Releases Video for ‘Down by the Water’

Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special, Down by the Water, music video

Based out of Tempe, Ariz., Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special puts its own twist on classic blues rock. The four-piece band, comprised of Brandon Croft, Evan Knisely, Brenden McBride and Sara Robinson, released its debut, self-titled album in February 2013. Recently, the group finished filming its first-ever music video for track “Down By the Water,” a single released earlier this month.

On Saturday, Dec. 7, Robinson and McBride will play an acoustic set supporting indie-folk act  Jared and the Mill at The Bird Cage Saloon in Prescott, Ariz.

Below, read our interview with Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special and watch the video for “Down by the Water”…

Where was the video filmed?
The video was filmed in different parts of central Phoenix. We drew our river and desert/backwoods scenes from various locations near the Verde River. The church scenes were all shot at Pioneer Living History Museum just south of Anthem off the I-17.

Have you worked with Matty Steinkamp and Tristan DeDe before? What do you like most about filming with them?
We have had live footage shot by Matty Steinkamp before, but this is actually our first music video endeavor and we are glad we took it on with him and DeDe. We had a good time capturing all the shots we really were wanting. The best thing about working with them was seeing them collaborate on the shots and both giving direction to achieve the best shots.

What is the theme or story line that is being portrayed through the video? Is that something the band came up with on its own or was it the director’s decision?
Sara came up with the initial idea and we sculpted it from there with Matty and the band. Basically, it’s the tale of an innocent church-going girl and a twisted backwoods preacher. He and his disciple set a plan to drug and drown the girl in a nearby river after church. We leave it up to the viewer to decide for themselves whether they achieve the drowning and she comes back with a spirit of vengeance, or whether they were unsuccessful. Either way, it’s clear she is out to settle the score for what has happened to her. She drags both men back to the water where they committed their crime. We wanted to leave a lot of the story up to imagination though, to fill in the blanks, so we left a lot of open questions and visuals.

What are the bands plans for the future, any upcoming projects?
We are planning on playing some great shows in 2014, both in town and out of town. As of right now we have a headlining gig booked at the Crescent Ballroom on Saturday, Jan. 18. We have been taking a break the end of 2013 to write as much as possible and are scheduled to start recording our second album mid February.

Anything else you’d like us to know?
We love playing in front of energetic crowds and we feed off of that emotion. It’s been very rough taking a break from shows to write the new album, but we are very excited to have a fresh new set list to share with everyone.

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