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Rough Tough Dynamite Release ‘Drive-Thru Damsel’ Music Video

It’s not often that zombie attacks are caught on camera or zombie attackees live to tell their tales. But then there is Rough Tough Dynamite, a four-piece band from Tempe that put their pop powers to work when they escaped flesh-hungry zombies who tracked them down in an abandoned warehouse in Mesa.

Well, at least that’s what the band’s new music video for “Drive-Thru Damsel” portrays. The track is on RTD’s debut EP End of the World, which was released in May and is available on Bandcamp for free download.

At the end of the video, viewers might be wondering: Do zombies have a taste for surf, power pop? Where did the snare-taming guy go? Are orange slurpees the new water? What else happens at the end of the world? All questions that may be answered in the two forthcoming parts of the music video series.

Watch the “Drive Thru Damsel” video below and read what Alex and the guys had to say about their new EP, zombies, iPhones, AXE body spray and more…

Tell us a little about your End of the World EP…
Well, we had been playing shows for a year or two, honing in a handful of songs. So we ventured off to California for a little road trip and came back with five songs recorded. We had a ton of fun recording, it was a really positive, creative process. We did it at Sound Matrix Studios in LA. The process was so fun and fluid with those guys. We even wrote the little acoustic interlude in the final song, “Waves,” while we were hanging out on the beach the night before we recorded it. Super last minute, but it really reflects the good vibes we were feeling during the whole process! Countless bags of dried mangos were munched upon during our studio time; we should have given them credit as fuel in the liner notes. We couldn’t have done it without those delicious dried mangoes.

Our friend Carrie Hobson, a character designer for Disney, drew us fighting bad guys for the cover of the EP, and all the rest of the art was a group effort between all of us. And we had 15-20 of our good friends come out and and chase us as zombies for the music video. Our band really thrives on having really talented, awesome friends to collaborate with. Everyone is so cool!

What’s the best defense against zombies?
Initially I’d have to be cliché and say something like THE POWER OF LOVE or ROCK AND ROLL, but through our analysis of playing many, many zombie video games, the shotgun is the tried and true classic. That, and a good baseball bat. Both give that super satisfying CRUNCH of a zombie skull being totally smooshed.

I’d also like to think that a can or two of AXE sprayed on your clothing could really act as a forcefield or zombie repellent. When overused in mass quantities, that stuff is TOXIC. Worse than tear gas.

You guys solve “the greatest mysteries of the downtown Phoenix area,” but how do you do it? Orange slurpees?
We use our iPhones a lot. Those things are great! Think about it — Scooby and the gang could have utilized the maps, Siri‘s knowledge, the fancy camera, group text messaging…it would have totally cut the length of each episode in half, they’d just be so efficient with those mysteries. Old Man Jenkins would be totally screwed in record time.

But when our iPhone batteries die, usually a good method is to just start making really loud, strange noises for long periods of time while undressing. Usually whoever is behind the scheme gets so uncomfortable they will confess, just to make us stop. Works like a charm.

In one word, your new EP End of the World is…SCRUMPTIOUS!
In one word, “Drive Thru Damsel” is…SASSY!
In one word, Rough Tough Dynamite is…SWEATY.

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  1. This band is so amazing! Their music is just so feel-good and their talent so apparent as well as just being gosh-darned nice guys. I’m excited for their future and the future of indie music!

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