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Robert Crumb: The Complete Record Cover Collection

Robert Crumb self portrait

The name Robert Crumb, or R. Crumb, is often associated with underground comix. The American illustrator and artist is, in fact, the founder of the comix movement, but he also been involved in the music scene.

As a musician, Crumb led R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders. He was a vocalist, songwriter and instrumentalist. Crumb also contributed to the Eden and John’s East River String Band as the mandolin player. And he, along with Dominique Cravi, founded Les Primitifs du Futur, a French band with a focus on French jazz, folk and blues music.

The artist’s love for music converged with his love for art in 1968, when Janis Joplin requested that he design the cover of her album Cheap Thrills. Thus began Crumb’s involvement in music artwork, such as logos, record label designs and of course, album covers. In 2011, his album covers were released in a book titled R. Crumb: The Complete Record Cover Collection. 

R. Crumb: The Complete Record Cover Collection captures Crumb’s quirky, beautiful work and his enduring legacy in 450 vibrant four-color, black-and-white, and monocolor illustrations that exude his love of music and his love of art in equal measure. Accompanying his unmistakeable record covers are also posters, calling cards, advertisements, and stand-alone portraits of icons like James Brown, Frank Zappa, Gus Cannon, George Jones, Woody Guthrie, and more.”Brain Pickings

Hear Crumb talk about the mergence of his two passions in the narrated short below…


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