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Review: William Fitzsimmons, Noah Gundersen

Below, watch video and read quotes from Phoenix‘s evening with Noah Gundersen (and sister), and William Fitzsimmons at Crescent Ballroom.

Before playing, Fitzsimmons said that he likes to disclose things. He followed that disclosure with another, “I’m a little drunk.” Other Fitzsimmons quotes from the show:

  • “This is one of my favorite places to play.”
  • “I’m so fuckin’ happy to be back here in Phoenix.”
  • “I’m sorry about talking about the limbic system…go ahead and Wikipedia that tonight.”
  • “If it’s ok with you, we’re going to play old and new.”
  • “I may be medicated, but I’m just as depressed as ever, guys.”
  • “Suicide William is here to stay.”
  • “I wasn’t kidding when I said I was drunk.”
  • “We’re going to have fun tonight. Lots of laughs, lots of happy music.”
  • “This is a song I originally wrote about my parents’ divorce and it kind of coincided with some other super fun things going on in my life and by ‘super fun,’ I mean really fuckin’ awful.”
  • “I’m wearing denim pants and a denim shirt and I’m able to call myself a professional.”
  • “I was named after my grandfather and it’s a very high expectation.”
  • When they came back for encore – “We’re back, we forgot our beers.”
  • “My mom came to my Pittsburgh show and I don’t think she was really pleased with the things I was saying. I’m like,  ‘bitch, you should have raised me better.'”

Fitzsimmons also had the audience sing the chorus to “You Still Hurt Me” and ended the night by singing acoustic in the middle of the crowd that circled around him as if he were a campfire.


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