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Review: Small Leaks Sink Ships, Emby Alexander, St. Ranger

In January 2011, Small Leaks Sink Ships released a five-track EP Oak Street Basement, a follow-up to 2007’s Until the World is Happy; Wake Up You Sleepyhead Sun sampler. Eight months later, in September 2011, the progressive-rock band announced the cancellation of a midwest tour following the news that their “brother and bandmate Judd Hancock was diagnosed with stage two testicular cancer.” Nearly a year has passed since Hancock began his journey through treatment and in January 2012, it was announced that he had reached his destination of “doctor says there is no more cancer.” The band is back and its “comeback” show last night at Crescent Ballroom was fascinating.

The evening was set in motion by the layered pop of The Color Group‘s St. Ranger and livened with the birthday set of Emby Alexander, which included the audience singing “Happy Birthday” to frontman Michael Alexander and a two-man mosh pit, as per request of the birthday musician. Although the Ballroom didn’t begin to fill until it got closer to SLSS‘ set, if you were there to see the openers, you did not miss out.

Fans of SLSS have a loyalty unmatched. You can read it in the supportive comments left on the band’s blog during its time away, you can see it in the attendance numbers of last night’s show and you can feel it with every clap, whistle and sing-along that fans offer up. Their set last night was fun. In 2007, while waiting in line to enter The Clubhouse for a show, I think Blood Brothers, I was handed Until the World is Happy; Wake Up You Sleepyhead Sun. Someone from the band or associated with it was giving everyone the three-song sampler. I never forgot Small Leaks…

Check out photos and videos from the evening below…

*Apologies for audio quality on the videos. When the venue is loud, it is loud.




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