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Mr. Meeble Releases ‘Star Power’ Music Video

It’s hard to put Phoenix-based Mr. Meeble into a genre box.  Their sound blurs the line between indie, progressive, electronic and ambient. It’s the kind of sound that’s audio poetry. The kind of music that speaks honestly. “Star Power” is a catchy track that’ll inspire you to go explore the wonderful world we live in.

The Spec had the opportunity to ask lead Devin Fleenor a few questions about the group’s music and latest video for “Star Power.” Find out the one word Fleenor used to describe Mr. Meeble…

Who’s Star Power?
I wrote the lyrics of Star Power about Karina, my love. 🙂

Can you tell us more about “Ghost Portal”?
It’s a work in progress – the current iteration uses infrared LEDs and an infrared camera to shoot live video of my head. That signal is processed in real time, then sent to a high power micro-projector that shoots that image onto a translucent screen suspended in front of my face. It’s quite a contraption, and although a bit unwieldy, I can still sing and play instruments on stage while wearing it.

What could one expect to experience at a live show Mr. Meeble show?
Nothing short of a spectacle. Electronics, live instruments, drums, pedal steel guitar, video projections, high power RGB lasers, mouth lasers, and of course, the Ghost Portal.

In your opinion, how do the visuals of Mr. Meeble’s music videos and live performances add to the overall experience of the music?
I always think of both in parallel. I love music and visual art equally. To me, they are one – inseparable.

Anything else you want people to know about your music, inspiration or aspirations?
A huge thanks to Michael Plaster, my great friend and musical collaborator for all that he is and does.

In one word, your new album Nostalgic for Now is…

In one word, “Star Power” is…
The video? Surreal.

In one word, Mr. Meeble is…
A mind-fuck.

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