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Futurekind, Vial of Sound to Perform at Obscura Prom

Obscura Prom, Obscura dance party, Rips bar, Vial of Sound, Futurekind, DJ Adrian Flanagan, DJ Jonny RogersGet your dance-partner date and put on your beat-boogying shoes, the 2nd Annual Obscura Prom is this Saturday, June 8 at Rips Bar in Phoenix. The 21+ event will include live performances by Futurekind and Vial of Sound, ticket giveaways, a photobooth by Melissa Fossum, guest DJ Johnny Rogers, Obscura DJ Adrian Flanagan and music that is sure to get you moving and grooving.

Read our Q & A with Obscura founder Robden Brethauer and check out videos from Futurekind and Vial of Sound…

Why did you decide to start Obscura?
I did a night called Panic! at Anderson’s 5th Estate, when that bar closed, I wanted to start new. I was trying to think of a good club name, while driving in my car and listening to Camera Obscura and I just thought Obscura would be perfect. I think it kind of sends the message that it’s going to be something a little different and plus it pays tribute to one of my favorite bands!

You’ve been operating this dance night since 2008, originally at The Ruby Room and now at Rip’s, any favorite or standout stories you can share?
Having The View play Obscura in March was really a big thrill for me. To have a band that has played the main stage at Glastonbury, play Obscura, was just awesome and they put on a great show. Having Andy Rourke DJ back in 2008 was also a lot of fun!

Describe last year’s Obscura prom in three words.
Off the hook!

What will you be wearing to prom this year or will you tell us what you wore to your actual high school prom? For my high school prom I rented a tux from Tux n Tails that came with a free red and blue velcro wallet!

What is prom without crowning a King and Queen…Can you share with us your favorite female and male musicians at the moment who you would give these titles?
The Queen would have to be St. Vincent. I think she is amazing and always puts on a great show! The King is and will always be Jarvis Cocker. I was so excited to see Pulp get back together, no one works a crowd quite like Jarvis, though Tim Booth from James is a close second and has the best dance moves!

Anything else you want our readers to know about the prom, Obscura or anything else?
Just don’t let the idea of having to have a perfect prom dress or a stylish suit keep you from going. There is no requirement to dress up and there is no right or wrong way to dress. I have heard so many women tell me that they want to come but don’t have a real prom dress and we don’t want the theme to stress people out, just come and have a good time, it doesn’t matter what you wear.

Finish these sentences:
I will always get on the dance floor when I hear…there is a lot of stuff that I could finish that sentence with, as I like a lot of different stuff and spend most of the night on the dance floor, but you won’t be able to keep me off the floor if Belle & Sebastian are playing.
ObscuraProm isn’t ObscuraProm without…my girlfriend, Laura. There would be no Obscura without her, she is my partner in crime, my co-conspirator, my editor, my moral support, my technical support and the love of my life. She has given me so many ideas and isn’t afraid to let me know when one of mine isn’t so good. She contributes more to this night than most people will ever know.

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