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Electrician Releases Claymation Video for ‘Hold on to Your Fear’

Oakland‘s Neil Campau recently released a claymation video for “Hold on to Your Fear,” his first recording under the moniker Electrician.

Previously of the anarchist-folk duo World History and founder of Do DIY, Campau has focused his attention on writing and recording for Electrician. His recent work is being deemed “electro folksongs.”

The pondering in the lyrics hint at past relationships and Campau’s anarchist anti-politics nature, but vague and sarcastic commentary make the cynicism less showy. There’s a warm invitation, not chilled detachment, in Electrician’s lo-fi, melodic pop.

In the new video, made by Chicago-based stop-motion artist Elisabeth Blair, viewers witness a reincarnation, or maybe just metamorphosis, in a bath tub. At the same time, Campau and vocalist Jamie Menzel sing, “hold on to your fear / it’s nothing.”

The debut track “Hold on to Your Fear” is available for download and streaming through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and various other services.

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