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Dry River Yacht Club Releases New Music Video Directed by Trevvor Riley

The talent of Phoenix never ceases to amaze me. It’s consistent, beautiful and unique. When Dry River Yacht Club was looking to film a music video, they sought out local music video extraordinaire Trevvor Riley. You may recognize the name because we have covered his previous work with the now defunct Boys and Frogs.

Riley used the Arizona landscape as the video backdrop, and placed his shots perfectly. There’s not a hint of power lines or television antennas, but instead,  a well-timed shot featuring an eclipse and grandness that matches that of the track.

DRYC created an original score for one of Riley’s recent works, a stop-action claymation flick “The National Anthem.” Intrigued by his work? Want to know more? Check back with The Spec for a Q & A with Mr. Riley himself.

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