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Cayucas Premieres Live Video for ‘East Coast Girl,’ Play Crescent Ballroom July 17

Cayucas, music video, crescent ballroom

Photo by Cara Robbins

Pink basketball courts, green antique-print wallpaper, light brown wood paneling — they’ve never gone together as well as they do in the new music video for “East Coast Girl” by California-based band Cayucas.

The house they’ve chosen to film the video in is one that any self-respectable nostalgist would appreciate. The color contrast exhibited throughout the music video is definitely one of the most appealing aspects. There is seldom a scene that doesn’t have a color-rich backdrop or ’60’s look to it. The lads themselves are dressed in different colored shirts as well. Not in anything too flashy or gaudy, just your average not-quite-pastel pink or blue oxford.

The beginning of the music video captivates the audience with color and converse. As it progresses, we see that atop their colored oxfords, the band members wear white jackets with white shorts. The uniformity is certainly charming and adds to that vintage element the three-and-a-half-minute visual story possesses. Aside from the video, the song itself is more than engaging. Cayucas has a knack for combining influences from past and present, and melding them into songs that are lively and dance worthy.

It’s music perfect for a trip to the beach on a sunny afternoon, or even an evening of superb entertainment at a local venue. Cayucas will be performing at Crescent Ballroom on July 17. If you are looking for something to do that Wednesday evening, I suggest this performance be graced by your presence. You won’t regret it.

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