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West Coast Goodies: White Arrows Interview

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White Arrows opened for The Naked and Famous Tuesday night at Crescent Ballroom, and we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the evening.

Layered and danceable, White Arrows recently released Get Gone, their first EP as a functioning band.

“All of our influences came together and we had a lot of chemistry in writing – it just kind of took a different direction and we’ve just been going with it,” said Andrew Naeve, master of the keys for the five-some.

The first release under the name White Arrows was a solo effort from frontman, Mickey Church.

“That was Mickey by himself … making all these songs in his bedroom,” Naeve said. “So I think the growth of the band happened when he moved from New York back to L.A., and then put together a full five-piece band.”

Their live performance is like seeing five actors each playing the starring role in a one-man show, all at once.

The various instruments pile upon each other, while anywhere from one to three people sing different words at the same time. If ambient, funky tunes are your thing, you’ll be just as taken with White Arrows as we are.

The band is currently working on a full-length album they hope to release next year. Until then, The Spec will be playing Violet Beauregarde to their three-course-meal gum, anxiously awaiting the next course.

Check out their Bandcamp page and listen to the EP, as well as some sweet remixes of earlier work.


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