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Trunk Space Celebrates Eight Years in Phoenix

Trunk Space operators JRC and Stephanie Carrico / Photo by D'Aundra Wallace

Stephanie Carrico and JRC met years ago through the downtown arts scene in which they played active roles as artists. Carrico was focused on photography and JRC was into performing arts.

“I really liked what was happening in Phoenix. There was just a lot of cool stuff going on and we wanted to open a space,” says Carrico. The two began their journey helping out a friend Scott Sanders with his gallery Paper Heart. “That was a good way to kind of get our foot in the door and start learning how to do live events more than we had already done.”

When Sanders made plans to move the Paper Heart to a larger location, the two decided it was time to start something new and the Trunk Space was born. “We got keys like March 10, then we opened April of First Fridays. April 2,” says Carrico.

Photo by D'Aundra Wallace

The Space located off of Grand Avenue has grown into something that not even Carrico and JRC expected. It is an intimate, all-ages venue that accommodates artists in all forms and carries a charm equal to that of its supporters.

The scene in 2004 was different than it is today. “There were a lot of art galleries and art spaces but it was a lot more underground. There weren’t 10,000 people coming down to First Fridays. There were a lot of things happening, It just didn’t seem like people were as aware of that as they could be,” says Carrico.

“The changes are largely positive in that the art scene is much more concrete, it feels much more entrenched in the area,” adds JRC.

The co-owners credit the longevity of the Space to the support of artists, patrons and other local businesses.

What the future holds for the Trunk Space, no one knows for certain. According to JRC, “Bigger, better, more. Community-invested spaces like this are really dependent on consistency and we’ve come across businesses in other cases who moved and six months later, were gone…we really like it here. We want to be part of downtown and this is a key place for that.”

Watch below to see our interview with the Trunk Space co-owners…



For a full list of celebration events this month, check out the official Trunk Space calendar.


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